rgrump (rgrump) wrote in grumps_journal,

Foolish April

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At Unlikely Story, we take April Fools very seriously. We had every intention of sticking with tradition and having a new issue out to celebrate the day. Obviously, that isn’t going to happen. But don’t despair! The Journey of Unlikely Observances will still be published, just not on April 1st as originally planned. We have a handful of stories from February 28 & 29 to read and respond to, along with the stories we’re holding for further consideration.

Unfortunately, at this point, we’re not entirely sure when we’ll be able to get the issue published. Day job demands are eating up a lot of time, hence why we’re running behind. We’ll do our best to keep folks updated as we go along, and we apologize for the delay.

Thank you to the authors who are still waiting to hear from us for your incredible patience, and thank you to all of our readers as well. We promise that when it appears, the issue will be a fantastic one, and worth the wait.

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