March 1st, 2013

  • brni

Submissions Updates

Copied from my personal LJ - it is mostly Grump-centered content:

Hullo all,

Just a few updates on various projects that are in the works.

Submissions for The Flesh Made Word - erotica about writing (and being written) come to a close tonight. I received a flurry of subs yesterday, and hope there's another today.

Submissions for Issue 5 of the Journal of Unlikely Entomology run through April 1st. If you have a buggy story in you, send it here!

Submissions for The Journal of Unlikely Architecture remain open until filled. We have filled half the slots and are looking for another 3-4 stories, depending on length. We're aiming for an early August release. JoUA will feature stories in which architectural structures (buildings, bridges, etc) are significant parts of the tale.

We'll be announcing our next Unlikely Adventure soon, once we finalize the guidelines and figure out what to call it. Stay tuned...