July 16th, 2012

  • brni

A letter from Sir Reginald F. Grump XXIII

Greetings, good Readers. We received a most surprising letter from our founder, one Reginald F. Grump XXIII. We've decided to reprint it here without edits.

Dearest Friends and Co-conspirators,

Having perused the most recent issue of the Journal of Unlikely Entomology, I find myself both impressed and pleased with the monomania with which you have discharged your commitment to my cause. However, any monomania--however noble--when pursued to the exclusion of all else, becomes over time tiresome to those of less singular taste.

It is thus with not a little trepidation that I find myself recommending that the Journal which bears my unlikely appellation should, on rare occasions, take a detour from its noble purpose to pursue the mysteries that hide within those other Arts and Sciences which may tickle our dedicated readers' interests.

Please do not ask me what I mean by the above; to the best of my knowledge it is pure gibberish. Nonetheless, I hope you take my words to heart, and I look forward to discovering what results.

Most Sincerely, etc., etc.

Sir Reginald F. Grump XXIII

As you can imagine, this comes as quite a shock to us. It will take us a few days to sort out exactly how we will carry out Sir Reginald's instructions, but it does present us with some (nearly limitless) possibilities, which we're excited about. Keep an eye out over the next few days - we'll be announcing our newest unlikely investigations and updating our submission guidelines soon.